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Thursday, July 31, 2008

आशा की किरण

‘Every One Who has Lost Hope Needs Asharamji’
-Sri Ramadevaji Maharaj, the Famous Master of Yoga
Millions of people have experienced spiritual peace and elevation merely by having darshana of
Sant Sri Asharamji. I am blessed with a great sense of fulfilment by having darshana of such a
Manishi. How can I ever miss the opportunity of having darshana of that great man, that great
saint, established in Divine Consciousness, Who (has) reinstated dharma, culture, spirituality and
the sublime Indian traditions on this land with full force. It is therefore that I am feeling blessed
and fulfilled coming to this place. His blessings find expression in His affection towards me. The
elders are always affectionate towards the youngers. I have come here especially to get His
To my understanding, almost every individual is frustrated, has lost hope in life and needs who
else but Asharamji (Asha = hope, Rama = the Lord), the Lord of hopes. If some day the nation
scales great heights, becomes prosperous and well developed, it will be solely through our
ancient traditions, moral values and ideals; and the awakening of those ideals, moral values,
ancient civilization, philosophy of dharma and culture will be possible only by becoming the Lord
(Rama) of hopes (Asha), i.e. our becoming the Masters of hopes. Therefore, revered and
adorable Maharaj Sri ‘Asha’ ramji is the very need of the whole world. With prayers at the holy
feet of Bapuji for His guidance through which I may keep following His footsteps and sure
enough will reach the goal as well. I pay my obeisance at His holy feet once again! (Read the
complete article in Apr 2008 Rishi Prasad. Subscribe at

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