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Sunday, November 1, 2009

गुरु नानक जयंती कार्तिक पूर्णिमा

हरी ॐ
Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikhism also known as first Nanak, was born in the month of Kartik (October/November), in the year 1469 AD. He was born in Tolevandi (around 30 miles away from Lahore) which is the present Shekhupura distict of Pakistan and is also known as Nanakana Sahib. The birthday of Guru Nanak Sahib falls on Kartik Puranmashi which is the full moon day of the Kartik month. His birthday is known as Guru Nanak Jayanti. The anniversaries of Sikh Guru's are known as Gurpurabs (festivals) and are celebrated with devotion and डेडिकेशन

Kartik poornima
The full moon day in the month of Kartik heralds the festival of Dev Diwali. Lamps are lit under the star-studded canopy of the sky and families gather to feast and enjoy the end of the Diwali fortnight.
This day is called Kartik Purnima (Purnima is the full moon day of each month), and celebrates the coming of Vishnu as Matsya or the fish incarnation in order to save Manu, the first man, from the primeval flood that destroyed the universe। Manu also saved all species of animals, birds and insects so that life could flourish again. It is because of Manu that Man is called 'manav' or 'manushya' in Sanskrit.
Kartika month is considered very auspicious by the Hindus. It is on this day that Lord Shiva destroyed Tripuri—the three cities ruled by demons and for Shiva worshippers it is the next most auspicious day after महाशिवरात्रि

सिद्धपुर में त्रिवेणी संगम पे लाखो लोग गंगा , जमना और सरस्वती के संगम में स्नान करके अपने आपको पवित्र बनाते है । पुष्कर और अलाहाबाद में भी लोग इस पवित्र दिन का फायदा लेते है । देव दीवाली , गुरु नानक जयंती और पूर्णिमा के इस पवन अवसर की आप सबको बहोत बहोत अभिनन्दन

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