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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


If you put a gold coin and a candy in front of a child, then he will go after the candy, and not the gold coin. He appears ignorant to you, but in his own eyes he is not ignorant. Though not having knowledge, he is doing things with knowledge. In your eyes you see the gold coin as great, but for a child it does not appear so great.

According to his understanding, there is no taste in the gold coin, but the candy appears sweet; therefore what could he do with that gold coin? According to his knowledge and understanding, he is taking what he considers to be great. Being fully aware, he takes the candy, not out of ignorance. Similarly, you all are also after wealth, sense pleasures, and you consider these to be good, but from the perspective of a wise man, you are simply engaged in sins and moving towards hell, birth and death cycles and suffering. But even on saying so you do not listen. In whatever way possible, simply grab hold of the money and enjoy pleasures

The Self (spirit, consciousness, atma) has oneness with the Universal Consciousness (Paramatma)

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